es.■The maximum

ni passenger○ cars, and 6,000 y●uan for other types◆ of vehicles.○The Plan cle○arly stipula●tes that local go●vernments shou○ld take re■sponsibility ○for any sur○plus or de○ficit of subsidy○ funds alloc●ate

subsidy ?/h3>

d by the ●central bud◆get in accorda○nce with th◆e aforementi○oned standard. Local◆ governments can◆ adjust the subsi◆dy standard〓 based on factors su○ch as the ty◆pe and age of "ye●llow-label vehi〓cle,"

hould not

urban ●management■ and other relevant◆ considera■tions."The '●other types of ■vehicles' mention●ed above include ca●rs," explained Z◆hu Yiping, Assistant■ Secretary-General o◆f China As●sociation of Au

exceed○ 6

tomo●bile Manufacturers. ○Deputy Sec■retary-Gen●eral of China Au○tomobile Dealer●s Association Luo L■ei believes◆ that the previous a◆utomobile "trade-in●" policy was● targeted a■t commercial veh○icles

,000 yuan.◆ The specific a〓mou

with buses as ■its focus b○ut the inclusion○ of private c●ars in the ■revised ver●sion of the ○policy "is 〓a major highlig●ht."According to L●uo, the servic◆e lifetime standar○d for "trad◆e-ins" varies a◆ccording t〓o types of vehicle, ◆and vehicle ●owners can ◆refer to their l■ocal authoriti◆es

dium●-duty frei●

about the〓 details.As for hou〓sehold appli◆ances, 2 billion ■yuan will be allo●cated from the cen○tral budget fo●r setting up pilot

ght trucks, ●5,000 yuan for li〓g

"●trade-in" a〓reas for five○ major types of hous●ehold appl〓iances -TV se◆ts, refrigerator〓s, washing

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